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Identify and assess areas for strength and development for your potential hires or existing workforce through assessment and development centres, to determine job and career progression suitability.


To ensure that the right candidate is hired for the role, Asssessment centres help organisations in identifying areas for strength and development for potential candidates before they join. A typical assessment centre includes competency measuring simulation exercises (eg. Role play, Group activities, Interview, etc.), and candidates are observed by multiple assessors to ensure objectivity. Development centres assist organisations in identifying performance gaps for their existing workforce and are typically used for succession planning, promotions or individual development plans.

At Inspativity, We design executive assessment and development centres to identify the components necessary for on the job success. We then measure them through tailored exercises that are relevant to the nature and context of the role. We align the assessment and development centres with the job’s requirements (skills, competencies and other success factors) as well as the strategy and objectives of the organisation.


To ensure that the process is fair and objective, we provide individual feedback and coaching to both successful and unsuccessful candidates to familiarise them with their areas of strength that they could capitalise on, and areas for development that they could focus on addressing.

Our aim is to design and implement a assessment and development centres that predict on-the-job success, saving your organisation unnecessary time, effort and money on unsuitable candidates. We also train your human resources team and line managers on how to conduct assessments in an objective manner.

We also develop customised development programs to address performance gaps that are relevant to the roles within the organisation and suited to your candidates’ learning styles and development needs.


Assessment and Development Centres are available in both Arabic and English.


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