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Conduct tailored training programs to develop your people according to their individual learning styles, aligned with your strategy, objectives and competency framework.

Most off-the-shelf training programs are conducted as a result of assessing gaps in performance and recommending development areas through online, face to face activities or other methods to address those gaps.

While those approaches act as temporary remedies to your short term performance gaps, they are unlikely to be sustainable on the long run as they cover a wide range of skills and competencies and are mostly designed to cover the most of your workforce, without prioritising individual needs and learning styles.

At Inspativity, we design engaging training programs that are based on behavioral competencies relevant to your organisation, aligned with your your organisation’s strategy and objectives. Our competency based training takes into consideration that people come from different backgrounds, with different experiences and ways of learning and developing. We vary our training approach to suit everyone’s learning styles. We follow up at a later stage to validate the effectiveness of the competency based training and measure your return on investment.


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